Here are some things that I've worked on, mostly game-related, but not all.


  • Koan: A series of minigames aimed at being a collection of playable zen koans (playable media course project).
  • Little Suzie: An abstract game designed to look at how game mechanics influence player emotion and narrative (undergraduate independent study).
  • Smokin’ Pizza: An absurd game about a pizza delivery truck (global game jam 2018).

Creative Writing


  • Gamepad Meditation: A gamepad-mediated guided meditation, based on practices for building bodily awareness.
  • Mirror Of The Heart: An interactive installation based on Sufi meditation (digital art studio course project.)
  • interactive paradox zine: A zine summarizing interactive paradox.
  • narrative design zine: A zine about anti-colonialist approaches to narrative design.
  • Scholars Play: Graduate students stream games and do live criticism every Friday. I’m no longer involved, but my contributions are archived.