Online Pedagogy and Digital Strikes

12 March 2020

Due to the ongoing scare of coronavirus in the US, many universities across the country have made the decision to switch from in person classes to classes being digitally mediated in their entirety. The timing is convenient for UC administration, as they’re using preemptive measures to curb the spread of the virus as a tactical response to the ongoing graduate students strikes. This blog post comes in two parts: the first on the role of technology in pedagogy (and why it should not take over completely), the second on digital strikes and picket lines in virtual spaces. Part 1: Online...

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Weaponized Negligence and the 2020 Iowa Caucus

06 February 2020

Despite popular conception, software is fallible. When it comes to elections, voting software can amount to a series of black boxes where votes go in one end and a winner is announced on the other end. This is why many experts have called for switching back to paper ballots, and some suggest doing away with electronic voting altogether. Whether this move to paper ballots is right or not—and I do believe it is—this is where we are right now, so how are these systems currently being used and what questions are missing from the conversation? Voting software is designed for...

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